Kilduff's Flower Shop was a major success!

John Kilduff [a.k.a. Mr. Let's Paint from Let's Paint TV] and Daniel Rolnik Gallery partnered together for "Kilduff's Flower Shop" a pop-up shop lasting from May 2nd until May 10th where John made commissioned oil paintings of flowers for Mother's Day ranging from $35 - $300.

In the one-week of the shop's existence, we satisfied the needs of 70 families!!! All of whom fell in love with John, his concept of "Flowers Die, but Paintings of Flowers Last Forever", and the fact that buying paintings of flowers helped fight the California drought!

Here's a small gallery of images from Kilduff's Flower Shop, but you can find over 100 more by searching the #KilduffsFlowerShop hashtag on instagram.

We also received a beautiful amount of press and shares from all our fans! Thank you all so much! We fucking love you!!!

LA Weekly
LA Taco
The Family Savvy
VICE Magazine


John Kilduff and Daniel Rolnik Gallery are currently working on their next pop-up shop idea. Stay tuned for future updates :)